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1984 - The Movie

All of these clips were taken from the film version of George Orwell's novel Nineteen-eighty-four. This movie is full of long, depressing pauses, so I have edited these clicks in order to remove the 'dead space' in the dialog which cut the size of these files down by 20-40%. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes the actors to sound like they're rambling on without even taking a breath, but it allows me to include a lot more scenes.

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2 Minute Hate The Two Minute Hate - 2:20 - The Two Minute hate from the opening credits of the movie.
Real Audio - 15.2Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 2,197k
MP3 - 32kbps - 550k

April 4th 1984 April 4th, 1984 - 0:38 - Winston begins writing in his diary.
MP3 - 128kbps - 602k
MP3 - 32kbps - 151k

Thoughtcrime is Death Confession - Thoughtcrime is Death - 1:40 - All criminal confessions are untrue. They confess to all crimes in order to foster the idea that one act of thoughtcrime will lead to more - that any single act of thoughtcrime is the 'gateway drug' which will inevitably lead to all the others.
MP3 - 128kbps - 1,571k
MP3 - 32kbps - 393k

Two plus Two equals Four 2 + 2 = 4 - 0:18 - Winston Smith's definition of "Freedom" ... the belief that one should be allowed to state the obvious, without fear of retribution.
Real Audio - 15.2Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 289k
MP3 - 32kbps - 73k

Harold Syme Newspeak - 1:04 - Winston Smith discusses the future of Newspeak with Syme.
Real Audio - 15.2Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 1,015k
MP3 - 32kbps - 254k

Artsem Artsem - 0:59 - Speech on Artsem and eradication of the orgasm. Destruction of the family unit was a primary goal of Ingsoc.
Real Audio - 8.0Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 923k
MP3 - 32kbps - 231k

Damn Kids Youth League - 0:45 - The Youth League sings a patriotic song.
MP3 - 128kbps - 711k
MP3 - 32kbps - 178k

Nice place youve got here O'Brien - 1:27 - O'Brien meets with Winston to give him Goldstein's book, and to discuss the resistance.
Real Audio - 15.2Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 1351k
MP3 - 32kbps - 383k

Good Morning Oceania Wake up call - 1:08 - Good Morning, Oceania.
Real Audio - 8.0Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 1069k
MP3 - 32kbps - 267k

WAR - Good God y-all WAR! - 2:11 - Oceania is now at war with Eastasia. A government official rallies a crowd to war.
MP3 - 128kbps - 2,051k
MP3 - 32kbps - 513k

War is Peace The reason for war - 0:46 - Winston reads from Goldstein's book
Real Audio - 15.2Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 718k
MP3 - 32kbps - 180k

BUSTED! Thought Police - 1:08 - Winston and Julia are captured.
MP3 - 128kbps - 1,069k
MP3 - 32kbps - 268k

The Wait Holding Cell - 2:30 - Winston meets Parsons and O'Brien in the Ministry of Love
MP3 - 128kbps - 2,346k
MP3 - 32kbps - 587k

The Past The Ministry of Love #1 - The Past - 4:37 - In order to cure Winston's "defective memory", he is "re-educated" on the concept of Doublethink by O'Brien.
Real Audio - 8.0Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 4,325k
MP3 - 32kbps - 1,081k

The Present The Ministry of Love #2 - The Present - 2:02 - O'Brien brainwashes Winston with the new Ingsoc views on love and war.
Real Audio - 8.0Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 1,903k
MP3 - 32kbps - 476k

The Future The Ministry of Love #3 - The Future - 3:48 - O'Brien discusses the concept of power and the future of humanity with Winston.
Real Audio - 8.0Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 3,570k
MP3 - 32kbps - 893k

The Cure Law of Gravity - 0:58 - Winston is nearly 'Cured'.
MP3 - 128kbps - 907k
MP3 - 32kbps - 227k

The End Room 101 - 3:21 - The final torture in the ministry of Love. In this roon, the criminal is confronted with his greatest fear.  If the thoughtcriminal does not pass this final test, he will most likely be killed. When faced with the prospect of being eaten alive by rats, Winston breaks down and betrays Julia.
Real Audio - 8.0Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 3,147k
MP3 - 32kbps - 787k

I love Big Brother Winston's Confession - 0:45 - Winston confesses to thoughtcrime. Just as with the rest of the confessions, he is forced to confesses to crimes he never actually committed.
Real Audio - 16.0Kbps
Real Audio (Downloadable)
MP3 - 128kbps - 708k
MP3 - 32kbps - 177k

Opening Credits 1984(1984)
Virgin Productions
Genre: Drama/futuristic satire
110 mins./Color
Directed by Michael Radford
John Hurt..........Winston
Richard Burton..O'Brien
Suzanna Hamilton...Julia
Written by George Orwell (novel)
Jonathan Gems/Michael Radford (for film)
Cinematography Roger Deakins
Music by Annie Lennox (one song)
Dominic Muldowney
David A. Stewart (one song)
Produced by Marvin J. Rosenblum (executive)

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