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Nineteen-Eighty-Four(1984), a novel by George Orwell, featured a politically correct language called newspeak. This site explains 1984, thought crime, novel, dictionary, modern, big brother, doublethink, Oceania Eastasia Eurasia, unperson Winston Smith bb pc libertarian party government. Propaganda George Orwell Newspeak 1984.
power totalitarianism Nineteen Eighty Four Eric Blair doublespeak dictionary Nineteen-Eighty-Four thoughtcrime thinkcrime. misspelings, orwel, book, farm 1984 newspeak george orwell.
Orwellien Newspeak Words : Victory Gin Airstrip One artsem Atomic Wars Big Brother BB bellyfeel party government power totalitarianism. blackwhite Brotherhood Chestnut Tree Cafe crimestop crimethink dayorder Disputed Territories. Newspeak, Orwellian Newspeak, Newspeak is often misspelled newpeak, newspek, newsspeak by 1984 Orwell.
doublethink Duckspeak Eastasia Eurasia Facecrime FFCC FicDep Floating Fortress free Golden Country Trotsky Emmanual Goldstein goodthinker Hate week Inner Party Ingsoc English Socialism joycamp malreported malreported Minipax Miniluv Minitrue Ministry of Truth Newspeak unorthodox Syme Winston Oceania Oldspeak Outer Party ownlife Physical Jerks prole Proletariat Records Department resistance Room 101 Steamer Rocket Bomb speakwrite Teledep Telescreen Thoughtcrime two minute hate unperson Youth League. Orwell George Orwell Newspeak 1984. People can't spell orwel obrian book. Orwell's farm had pigs in a superstate called airstrip one. America United States America - USA - is full of republican democrats, politicans that are liars, thieves, cheats, swindlers and utter discraces to the country. Old Buildings lack the infrastructure for freedom, and therfore need goverment programs to eat welfare politicians in a totalitarian manner and dictionary their double speak. Euphemistic speech votes to revoke liberty in a way our founding fathers would have elected to advertise on the telescreen. There is no chance of freedom in Illinois, because oldthinkers hate speeches by government pigs, and don't care about hitler's volkswagon. Chris Schuler says, "It takes two to doublespeak or doublespeek inside a Orwellian double speak of George Orwell". Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Dead cats, dead rats, dead berocrats beaurocrats burocrats beurocrats buraucrats - bureaucrats read government controled regulations after Clinton smoked a newspaper with Orwellian newspeak altered words brainwashed Jefferson. Those who wish to be bourgeoisie conivnce the proletariats that a handlfull of bourgeois politicains is better than a million capitalist. They alter words to alter the thoughts of the populous - thoughts depend on words.

Newspeakdictionary. Dictionaty. New Speak.
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